1985 National Jamboree Contingent Shoulder Strips (JSP) Needs & Duplicates - Kirk Doan's Collection.

I have the following 1985 National Jamboree Contingent Shoulder (JSP) Strips followed by the word (HAVE). Those marked with (DUPE) means I have a duplicate for trade. Those marked with (NEED) and highlighted means I need the badge for my collection. I would like to trade for all 1985 National Jamboree contingent patches that I need..

Council; Border; Comments

  • Blackhawk Area twill Smy R/E (NEED)
  • Blue Grass Yel R/E (HAVE)
  • Blue Mountain Yel R/E (NEED)
  • Blue Ridge Red R/E (HAVE)
  • Blue Ridge Mountains Blu R/E (DUPE)
  • Boulder Dam Blk R/E (HAVE)
  • Boulder Dam TR731 Blk C/E (HAVE)
  • Buckeye Glm R/E (HAVE)
  • Bucks County RWB R/E (HAVE)
  • Bucks County Gry R/E (NEED)
  • Bucks County Gld R/E (NEED)
  • Bucks County Slm R/E (NEED)
  • Bucks County Glm R/E (NEED)
  • Buckskin R/E (HAVE)
  • Bucktail Red R/E (NEED)
  • Buffalo Trace Blu R/E (DUPE)
  • Buffalo Trail Blu R/E (HAVE)
  • Burlington County Yel R/E 1418 (NEED)
  • Burlington County Org R/E 1418 (HAVE)
  • Burlington County Red R/E 1418 (NEED)
  • Burlington County Org R/E 1419 (HAVE)
  • Burlington County Yel R/E 1419 (NEED)
  • Burlington County Red R/E 1419 (NEED)
  • Buttes Area Pink R/E (NEED)
  • Cache Valley Wht R/E (NEED)
  • Cache Valley Blu R/E (NEED)
  • Cahokia Mound Wht R/E (HAVE)
  • Calcasieu Glm R/E (HAVE)
  • Calcasieu Area 1619 (HAVE)
  • Calcasieu Area Staff (HAVE)
  • Calif. Inland Empire Pur R/E (DUPE)
  • Calif. Inland Empire Smy R/E (NEED)
  • Calif. Inland Empire Gmy R/E (NEED)
  • Calumet Blu R/E (HAVE)
  • Camden County Blu R/E (HAVE)
  • Camden County Gmy R/E (NEED)
  • Cape Cod & Islands Blk R/E (NEED)
  • Cape Fear Blk R/E (HAVE)
  • Capitol Area solid Blu R/E (HAVE)
  • Capitol Area twill Blu R/E (NEED)
  • Central Florida Wht R/E (HAVE)
  • Central Georgia Smy R/E (NEED)
  • Central North Carolina Yel R/E (HAVE)
  • Central North Carolina dome (NEED)
  • Central Ohio Smy R/E (HAVE)
  • Central West Virginia Yel R/E (HAVE)
  • Central Wyoming Red R/E (HAVE)
  • Central Wyoming Gry R/E (HAVE)
  • Chattahoochie Blu R/E (HAVE)
  • Cherokee Area Oklahoma Pur R/E (DUPE)
  • Cherokee NC Red R/E (DUPE)
  • Cherokee NC Blu R/E (NEED)
  • Cherokee NC Gry R/E (NEED)
  • Chero
  • Marin Yel R/E
  • Mason Dixon Blu R/E (DUPE)
  • Maui County Blu R/E
  • Miami Valley Glm R/E (DUPE)
  • Mid America Blu R/E
  • Mid Iowa Yel R/E
  • Middle Tennessee Blu R/E
  • Milwaukee Slm R/E
  • Minsi Trails Red R/E (DUPE)
  • Mission Grn R/E (DUPE)
  • Mobile Blk R/E
  • Mohegan Blu R/E
  • Monmouth Yel R/E
  • Monterey Bay Glm R/E
  • Mo-Kan Blk R/E
  • Morris-Sussex Red R/E (DUPE)
  • Mountaineer Red R/E
  • Mount Baker Yel R/E
  • Mt. Diablo-Silverado Red R/E
  • Mt. Ranier Wht R/E (DUPE)
  • Muskingum Valley Wht kg. Red R/E
  • Muskingum Valley Blu Bkg. Red R/E
  • Narragansett Mar R/E
  • Nashua Valley Red R/E (DUPE)
  • Nassau County Pur R/E
  • Nassau County Yel R/E
  • Nassau County Org R/E
  • Nassau County Red R/E
  • National Capital Wht R/E (DUPE)
  • New Orleans Red R/E
  • Northeast Georgia Blk R/E
  • Northeast Illinois Red R/E
  • Northern Lights Blk R/E
  • North Florida Glm R/E
  • Northwest Georgia Red R/E (DUPE)
  • Northwest Suburban Red R/E (DUPE)
  • Occoneechee Red R/E (DUPE)
  • Old Baldy Yel R/E (DUPE)
  • Old Colony Org R/E (DUPE)
  • Old Hickory Blu R/E (DUPE)
  • Old Hickory Red R/E (DUPE)
  • Old Kentucky Home Tan R/E
  • Orange County 729 Org R/E (DUPE)
  • Orange County 730 Org R/E (DUPE)
  • Orange County 731 Org R/E
  • Oregon Trail Glm R/E
  • Ore Ida Red R/E
  • Ore Ida Slm R/E
  • Otetiana Glm R/E (DUPE)
  • Otetiana Red R/E
  • Otschodela red R/E
  • Ouachita RRed R/E (DUPE)
  • Ozarks Red R/E (DUPE)
  • Palmetto Yel R/E (DUPE)
  • Palmetto Glm R/E
  • Pee Dee Red R/E
  • Penn's Woods Red R/E (DUPE)
  • Philadelphia Gry R/E (DUPE)
  • Piedmont Glm R/E
  • Pikes Peak Yel R/E
  • Pine Tree Wht R/E (DUPE)
  • Pony Express Brn R/E
  • Pony Express Red R/E
  • Potawatomi Org R/E (DUPE)
  • Potomac Red R/E
  • Pushmataha Glm R/E (DUPE)
  • Quinnipiac Grn R/E
  • Quivira Yel R/E (DUPE)
  • Quapaw Wht R/E
  • This is as far as I have gotten in updating my needs and dupes. 06/26/11


    Miscellaneous Odd Shaped JCP and Fantasy patches

    I need all 1985 Jamboree shoulder patches (JSP's) not listed here as haves or dupes. I will trade about anything (OA, CSP, JSP, Insignia, etc,) for my needs, so let me know what you have and what you are looking for. Also, please see my list of 1985 Jamboree National Issue and Staff items.

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