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Hello. Well I'm glad you found me on the Web. My Scouting resume is linked below. I worked at Boy Scout camps during summer vacations all through junior high, high school, college and law school. I live in a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri, and practice business law with a downtown Kansas City law firm which I have been with since 1978. My wife is an obstetrician, and we have two sons: one is an Eagle Scout and is two years from obtaining his M.D., and the other attends the University of Arizona on a National Merit Scholarship and during the summer is a white water rafting guide in Colorado. I have sported a beard as of late (my kids like it - really, they do).

I am active in my church, am on a Scout troop committee, fly single engine airplanes, scuba dive, swim laps, fish, hack around computers and collect, buy and sell patches and collectible postage stamps. Needless to say, its seldom boring around our place. I have collected Scout memorabilia and stamps since the late 1960's.

I hope you have fun navigating my Website. If you have constructive comments or suggestions, please e-mail them to kirkdoan@sbcglobal.net. My internet address is http://www.kirkdoan.com.


Kirk Doan's Boy Scouting Resume

Photos of lunker fish I have caught recently: Northern Pike; Another Northern Pike; King Salmon

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